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St. Paul Press

St. Paul Press is Implementing a New 100% Royalty Publishing Service Platform

Unprecedented in the history of book publishing -- authors will receive 100% of their royalties directly from the biggest book seller in the history of publishing, Amazon.com.

Most authors receive the overwhelming majority of their sales via Amazon.com. We would venture to say that over 90% of our book sales are made through Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle, with more and more books being sold through the Kindle store, a Kindle app for any device, or on the Kindle device itself. Amazon.com is the undisputed champion of book sales; there is just no getting around that.

The publishing game has changed dramatically over the past ten years and is still changing. Authors have more freedom and liberty in publishing now than at any other time in the history of publishing. The truth is, due to the innovations at Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle, small, independent publishing companies such as St. Paul Press and independent authors are on the same level as major publishing houses. Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle have leveled the playing field big time. It is a whole new world now.

Please do not buy into the lie that if you choose to publish a book with a small independent press such as St. Paul Press, where you have to invest in the success of your book up front financially, that your book is less than a book published by the major publishers. Some years ago, that may have been true. But the game has changed so much today that all of the major publishers have seen the value of independent authors who want to get their books published and get their books published quickly instead of waiting for a year or two. There was a time major publishers used to call these independent companies “vanity presses,” but now these major publishing companies have bought the so-called “vanity presses” and are making money off of the authors who do not have a following like that of T.D. Jakes or Joel Osteen. No matter how good your book is today, to get published by a major publisher, you have to have a following similar to T.D. Jakes or Joel Osteen, and you also need to have a high-powered agent to get your book through. Then, it is going to take you at least a year plus to get the book out.

In fact, an expert in the field, Susan Kaye Quinn, author of The Indie Author Survival Guide says:

When self-publishing went mainstream---i.e. when people started making money at it---the sharks multiplied. Many became sharks in tuna clothing, with all kinds of "respected" writerly establishments starting "self-publishing" divisions that were really “Vanity Publishers.”
  • Writer's Digest owns vanity press, Abbott Press
  • Thomas Nelson owns vanity press, West Bow Press
  • Harlequin owns vanity press, DellArte Press
Actually all these little sharks were part of one larger shark. They were white label versions of the King of Vanity Publishers, Author Solutions (i.e. Author Solutions is behind the scenes, providing the services). And then this happened: Penguin/Pearson buys Author Solutions. A Big Six publisher swallowing the King of Vanity Publishers whole? I agree with Jane Friedman's insightful analysis of what this meant: "I'm sad to say I've heard publishing executives talk about the opportunity to 'monetize unpublished manuscripts' and it's why I left commercial publishing. Is this where the industry is headed? If so, I want no part of its future."

As David Gaughran details on his blog, this isn't Big Six Publishers making a "progressive" move into indie publishing; this is Big Six Publishers trying to monetize the slush pile and make money off writers (Penguin Random House Merger Helps Author Solutions Exploit Writers). (Also: Author Solutions is now in a class-action suit for deceptive practices among other things).

The Names of the Sharks
(From David Gaughran's tremendously helpful post The Author Exploitation Business.) (Note: the sharks are constantly changing their names! This is not an exhaustive list.):

  • Author House
  • iUniverse
  • XLibris
  • Trafford
  • Palibrio
  • Publish in the USA
  • Abbott Press (Writers Digest)
  • Balboa Press (Hay House)
  • Westbow (Thomas Nelson/Harper Collins)
  • Patridge (Penguin India)
  • Archway (Simon and Schuster)
  • Inspiring Voices (Guideposts Magazine)
  • Legacy Keepers
  • Fuse Fram (previouslyAuthor Solutions Films)
  • Pitchfest
  • Author Learning Center
  • WordClay
  • BookTango
  • AuthorHive
As a Christian publishing company, we strive to be up-front and honest. When we see things changing in the industry, we change with it, and we tell you the truth.

Receiving 100% royalties is also an incentive to encourage you to write more books because that is where the power is to impact more people's lives, and yes, also to increase your financial income so that you can have the time to write more books. Yes, if you apply yourself and write great books and write more books (at least anywhere from three to seven books a year), you can eventually start generating an extra $20,000 or more a year coming directly into your account on a monthly basis from Amazon.com and others, providing that the book is good and is something that people need and want.

How Does St. Paul Press Compare to Other Publishers?
Check Out the Comparison Table Below

St. Paul Press Author House Westbow
(Thomas Nelson)
Xulon Xlibris iUniverse Abbott Press
(Writer's Digest)
Smallest Publishing Package $697 $799 $999 $1,749 $499 $899 $999
Premium Publishing Package $1,197 $9,999 $6,499 $4,999 $15,249 $4,299 $2,999
E-book Publishing Package $99.99 Not Offered $499 Not Offered $499 Not Offered Not Offered
Royalties 100% 10-25% 50% 75% 10-25% 10-25% 50%

Check out our publishing packages and publishing services below.
Complete Publishing Packages
(If you have completed your book and are ready to get it out to the world, we will take your manuscript from start to finish handling all of the details along the way.)
  • Simple: $697 (Format your manuscript, design a book cover, supply an ISBN number, and make your book available as an e-book and as a print book on Amazon) 
  • Bonus: $897 (Format your manuscript, design a book cover, supply an ISBN number, make your book available as an e-book and print book on Amazon, as well as to all bookstores through STL)
  • Prime: $1197 (Format your manuscript; design a book cover; supply an ISBN number; make your book available as an e-book and print book on Amazon; make your book available to all bookstores through STL; make your e-book available to all major e-book retailers including Apple, Nook, and Kobo; promote your book to a wide audience through Christian Media Promo) 
*Editing, proofreading, transcribing, and other services are available upon request and will be charged above the price of the publishing package.
Stand-Alone Publishing Services
(If you want to publish your book on your own, and only need help in one or two areas, you may purchase our publishing services individually without signing up for a complete publishing plan.)
  • Book cover design
  • Page design
  • Proofreading 
  • Copyediting
  • Transcribing
  • Typing up your written  manuscript
  • Providing an ISBN number (Your book must have an ISBN number in order to be ordered by bookstores.)
  • Publishing your book exclusively as an e-book on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo Reader, Google eBooks, Sony eReader, Diesel eBooks, and others.
  • Printing any quantity of physical books and drop shipping them to any location for book signings, special events, etc.
  • Building apps for your book
  • RUSH publishing service (Get your book published in 40 days)
Promotional Services
(We will not leave you hanging after your book is published. We want to help you get your book out in front of potential readers through long-term promotional efforts that will help provide consistent sales. We offer the following promotional services for all authors.)
  • Promotional package through Christian Media Promo
  • Promotional package through Black Christian Book Promo
  • Press release distribution through Vision Christian Newswire
  • Placement on The Christian eReader sendout
  • Printing of flyers, postcards, bookmarks, and business cards
  • Website design through Kings Highway Web Design
  • Stay in the News long-term promotional package 
  • Advertising on our parent company's network of over 35 news and communication websites that receive over 1 million visits and 6 million pageviews per month
  • Developing a book trailer

You can sign up for any of the services above on our website at

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